2/1/2016 -- A BIG thank you to our family of supporters.  To date, BTRA has received $6,350.00 toward the upcoming “puppy mill” dog auction.  There are only twelve (12) days left before I leave to save as many dogs as possible.  Again, we still need your financial support to insure that this rescue is successful.  Please open your hearts and wallets and make your donation to this cause.  These dogs do not deserve to live their entire lives in the hell hole called a puppy mill.  BTRA prays that we can make a big difference in the lives of these helpless prisoners.  If you could just see the despair in their eyes at these auctions you would not hesitate one moment in helping.  If you could just see their eyes when they get in their foster homes and realize that life has changed and they DO know that they are finally in a caring and loving environment.  This change is dramatic and it is the reason that BTRA continues to ask for your help.  All donations go only toward saving and vetting these “puppy mill” survivors.

     Thank you for saving the lives of these precious souls,

Jo-Ellyn G. Vincent, President
Boston Terrier/French Bulldog Rescue of Alabama

     To our Boston terrier and French bulldog family of supporters, the puppy mill dogs NEED YOU and are counting on you. Can you imagine living your entire life in a small cage with only wire for flooring?  Can you imagine never being clean, never having a wholesome diet or clean water to drink?  Can you imagine your body being continually used by being forced to have litter after litter of puppies with no medical care?  Can you imagine “true hopelessness”?  Can you imagine never receiving any love or attention-not even a pat on the head?  Puppy mill dogs don’t imagine-they know the horror every day of their lives.  They are prisoners that have committed no crime.

     Boston Terrier/French Bulldog Rescue of Alabama knows their pain and we have seen their suffering.  This is why all of us are totally committed to saving as many as we can possibly afford.  Yes it takes money to get them out of the hell they are living in.  Do I like the fact that we have to pay the breeders to get them out of such deplorable conditions?  NO.  But I have no control or authority over the commercial breeding industry.  All I can do is offer hope and love to as many as we can possibly rescue.

     You and I have fifteen (15) days to raise sufficient money to go to the auction on 2/13/2016.  I can’t do this without your financial commitment to these deserving dogs.  IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

     As of today, our family of supporters has donated $2,890.00 and I am grateful for every penny.  Your generosity has always shown me the love you all have for the breeds.  Your generosity has always shown me that you do care for the helpless and voiceless.  BTRA still needs your help and donations.  Help us make this a successful win for the Boston terriers and French bulldogs. 

Jo-Ellyn G. Vincent, President
Boston Terrier/French Bulldog Rescue of Alabama

     Hello friends and family of Boston Terrier/French Bulldog Rescue of Alabama.  Today, I received the catalog for an upcoming “puppy mill” auction in Missouri.  BTRA again wants to make a commitment to save the Boston terriers and French bulldogs.  As of today, there are four (4) Boston terriers and twenty-seven (27) French bulldogs that will be sold.  This type of rescue effort is a very expensive undertaking, but it is the only hope that the dogs have to get out of the puppy mill life – I feel that it is the right thing to do.  No dog deserves to be considered and treated as a “commodity,” never loved, never being allowed to run and play, never getting the human contact and nurturing that they need and deserve and never getting any medical care.  Their only purpose in life prior to rescue:  HAVE PUPPIES AND THEN HAVE MORE PUPPIES.

       When I go to the auctions, there is a protocol that must be followed.  The first thing that you do is register and get an auction number in order to bid.  The second thing that you do is go to a very large warehouse to view the dogs up for bid -- rows and rows of cages with dogs inside.  The fear and despair in each set of doggie eyes is overwhelming.  I never get used to this, as each time I get physically ill and emotionally drained.  The smell is terrible -- urine, feces and vomit in each cage, and the dogs shaking in the back of each cage.


       As I have stated before, the bid price of each dog is an unknown.  My prior auction experience has shown me that it is very expensive.  Boston Terrier/French Bulldog Rescue of Alabama needs to raise at least $10,000.00.  This amount will not be enough to save all the Bostons and Frenchies, but it will go a long way in saving many many dogs.  Each and every one that we are able to rescue will be that many not producing puppies any longer.  Each one will escape the horrendous and continuous breeding cycle.  Each one will reduce the number of the already animal over population in this country and the horrible euthanization rate each year. 

       PLEASE evaluate your financial situation.  Open your heart to these voiceless and helpless dogs.  Again, you and I have an opportunity to give these precious, but defenseless dogs a chance for a new life and freedom.  All donations are tax deductible.  BTRA will be very grateful for all donations, large or small, and every penny will be used to save these deserving—breeder free—Bostons and Frenchies. 

       Thank you ALL in advance for everything that you do for our rescue efforts.  We cannot do anything without each and every one of you.  Please see below how you can make your tax deductible donation.

Jo-Ellyn G. Vincent, President
Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama