6/9/2000 – 7/1/2014

Maggie’s Story

In March, 2007, Maggie came into my life by way of rescue. She came from a puppy mill breeder sellout at an auction in Wheaton, MO. She had been a breeder dog for the first six years of her life. What a pitifully sad Boston she was.

As a breeder dog, Maggie was required to have a litter of puppies every time she came in to heat. Her living conditions were deplorable-just a small wire cage where she was housed 24/7. Her feet were never allowed on the ground for play or exercise. Her only worth was her ability to produce one litter after another.

When I first saw Maggie, she was in this crated area along with many others. She was so scared and standing in her own urine and feces. Her soulful eyes looked up at me as if to say PLEASE help me-help me get out of this hellish nightmare, help me to become a beloved companion pet, help me by loving and caring for me for the rest of my life. I did not know it at the time but I was really there to save Maggie and for Maggie to save me. Yes, I rescued Maggie that day and she has been a true inspiration in forgiveness and unconditional love.

When I watched Maggie, it became very clear that she was like a wild animal. She did not know anything about a loving touch by a friendly hand. She did not know that she needed to be clean, nails cut, have a warm bed, have good food to eat and always have a clean bowl of water to drink. She certainly did not now about having a harness and leash put on her body that had only been used for production of puppies for six years. But she did know that she wanted a different life and she did know that she deserved better than to just be a “puppy mill” commodity.

Maggie had not been provided with vaccinations and had never had a general health check. Maggie and I went to visit the vet that will take care of her for the rest of her life. It was at this vet visit that I learned that she did not have her front teeth-bottom or top. I also learned that this is very common for “puppy mill” dogs. Out of fear and boredom, they chew on the wire of the cages continuously and therefore lose their front teeth. She also had her teeth cleaned for the first time in her life. Maggie lost another five (5) teeth due to advanced decay. It took two (2) people to hold Maggie while another person gave her a bath. She did not attempt to bite thankfully but she is a very strong Boston. When put in crate to dry, Maggie immediately began to pace back and forth barking. I imagine that she thought that she was back in MO.

Maggie was with me eight (8) years now. She progressed a thousand times over. She knew that a human hand would never hurt her. She knew what a soft warm bed felt like. She knew that all of her physical needs would be taken care of to the best of my ability. She knew that she would be fed a good quality food daily and always have clean water to drink. She knew what treats were and toys were there for her to play with. She knew what it is like to be able to run freely in a fenced yard with grass touching her feet. But most of all Maggie knew love. It took her a long time but she knew that not all humans are bad and that she was loved unconditionally. Maggie slept in my arms every night.

Maggie was a treasure in this world, a true inspiration for all in the resilience of the soul. I am honored to have been her mom. She gave me hope and encouragement every day to continue rescuing other Boston terriers and French bulldogs that need help.

Maggie Moo began her journey across the Rainbow Bridge this morning at 8:30 AM. She will never be forgotten and the love she and I shared will continue forever. Maggie is now free of all pain. She is flying with the angels in God’s loving arms. It is with a broken heart that I must say goodbye for now….