Dear Friends and Benefactors -  

         Miss Dottie came to Boston Terrier/French Bulldog Rescue in 2012 from a south Alabama shelter.  She was “a throw away”--her family just dumped her at a shelter because they did not want her anymore.  I am grateful that the shelter contacted our rescue so that we could save Dottie from euthanization. 

         Miss Dottie injured her left eye two (2) months ago, and her foster parents asked me to bring her to my house for treatment.  She was evaluated by the eye specialist, and it was determined that her eye could be saved.  She and I began eye medications every four (4) hours for several weeks.  She was re-evaluated by the vet each week, and periodically her medications where cut back to every six (6) hours and then every eight (8) hours.  Each week the doctor drew blood from her jugular vain for the blood serum that was needed to put in her eye to help the healing.  On Wednesday, January 21, 2015, the vet was drawing blood and discovered a large tumor in her neck.  She sent a sample to the pathologist, and the report came back as cancer.

         As a rescuer, I deal with all types of issues with the dogs.  Most are not life threatening.  Dottie’s issue IS life threatening.  She must have this tumor removed as quickly as possible so that it does not spread to her lungs.  Based on this fact, she is scheduled for surgery on Monday January 26, 2015.  As stated in the video, the extent of the tumor involvement will not be known until Dottie is actually opened.  I am praying that only the right thyroid is affected by the tumor and that is all that will need removing.  She will then need four (4) to six (6) chemo treatments over the next couple of months. 

         The surgeon could not give me an exact estimate of the cost of Dottie’s surgery and treatments at this point.  The cost will depend on exactly what the surgeon finds once Dottie is in surgery.  I do know from past experience that this will be at least several thousand dollars. 

         Dottie needs your financial help in order to live.  I need your financial donations to help Dottie.  She is a very special senior lady.  She is smart, she is loving, she is house trained/crate trained and best of all she is grateful to have someone love her and take care of her needs.  She shows me this every day in her own way.   

         Please consider helping Miss Dottie and Boston Terrier/French Bulldog Rescue of Alabama.  Your donations will go directly toward paying for Dottie’s surgery and treatments.  As most of you already know, BTRA has no paid staff or overhead costs--all of the rescue work is done by loving and devoted volunteers who donate their time and effort free of charge because they too love the breeds as much as you do.   Everyone involved in BTRA does so as a volunteer.  No Boston or Frenchie is boarded unless there is a medical need--our Bostons and Frenchies are all in foster homes so that we can hold down on costs.  We make every penny stretch just as far as possible. 

         For the past five (5) years, Boston Terrier/French Bulldog Rescue of Alabama has been blessed to have friends and benefactors that are as caring and giving as you are.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  You make it possible for us to continue our efforts for the Bostons and Frenchies.  We lovingly take care of each rescued dog, but YOU are the very backbone of this organization.  We do not ask for your contributions unless there is a need.


                                             Jo-Ellyn Vincent

P.S.  In the video, Dottie is wrapped in a prayer blanket that was made by a rescue group of ladies who make and pray over each blanket as it is being made.  I hope that each of you will keep Miss Dottie in your prayers for a successful surgery and recovery.