Jackson came to rescue on March 21, 2010, from the Pell City, Alabama Animal Shelter. He was picked up as a stray who had obviously been used in dog fighting or at the very least been in a “dog fight”. He was in sad shape, but with neutering, proper vetting and a load of patience and love, Action Jackson made a 360 degree turnaround. Because of Jackson’s fighting history, he was determined unadoptable and has been a permanent foster since intake.

BTRA and our vet estimates Jackson’s age to be about ten (10) years old. He is in good health other than being blinded by cataracts. Jackson has seen our veterinary ophthalmologist, and she has determined that he is a good candidate for surgery to restore his sight.

Sight is a precious gift. Due to his loss of sight, Jackson is very limited in his mobility and has become depressed. His entire life has changed, and he just does not understand.

Jackson needs your financial help so that he does not have to live out his remaining years blind and entirely dependent. It will cost $ 2,385.00 to have both cataracts removed. BTRA cannot give Jackson his sight back without YOUR help. If he can get this operation done, he will be able to go outside to potty without having to be carried in and out. He will be able to walk up and down stairs on his own accord when it is time to visit the vet or go for rides in the car. I do believe that Jackson’s depression will lift once he can see again. With your loving financial help, Action Jackson can regain his independence again.


On July 4, 2015, I left on a rescue mission to save five (5) French Bulldogs located in Utah. The breeder told me that she would like to sell the dogs instead of going through the upcoming auction. BTRA used the money that had been donated for the next puppy mill auction to get these Frenchies to safety. What I know now, and did not know then, is that she would not have been able to sell them at the auction due to their horrible physical condition. None had ever been vaccinated or had rabies shots. The breeder told me that all the dogs were less than four (4) years of age and had only been bred twice. Here is the story of each precious soul.


Honey Bun is six (6) yrs old. When the breeder handed her to me to put in our crate to come back to Alabama, she had green puss oozing out of her vagina. It was at this point that I realized that I had been totally lied to by the breeder. These dogs were very sick and desperately needed medical help. I was holding this precious girl in my arms trying to think what the right thing to do was. She looked at me with the most soulful eyes and gave me a sweet little Frenchie kiss on my cheek. This was the look that my precious Maggie Moo gave me when I rescued her. I placed Honey in her crate to come home to Alabama. I looked at my shirt and there was this green puss all over the front. I did not know what the problem was, but I knew this was serious. My rescue friend who was with me made arrangements to get an emergency vet to open his clinic after hours to examine Honey as soon as we got back to Arkansas. He confirmed that she had pyometra, a deadly disease of the uterus. He gave her a shot of antibiotics and pain medication and said that she needed to get to Alabama as quickly as possible for emergency surgery. Honey had emergency spay surgery, vaccinations including rabies shot, dewclaws removed, teeth cleaned and nares widened the next day when she got back to Alabama. The vet said that she had had many, many and many C-sections. She usually just sews a spay incision, but with Honey she had to also use staples. Honey stayed at the vet on IV antibiotics, fluids and pain medication for three (3) days. Thank God she was rescued and got a chance to live.


Shelly is seven (7) years old. I did not notice anything wrong with Shelly during our trip back to Alabama. I have steps from my basement into the house area where the dogs stay so I always carry each dog upstairs. I let two (2) dogs outside to potty at a time as I did not know if any would fight or not. It was at this point that I saw that Shelly could not use her back legs properly and her fanny was dragging the ground as she walked. Shelly was seen by our vet the next morning to evaluate her problem. It appears that she has either IVDD or suffered some type of injury prior to BTRA getting her. She stayed at our vet on IV steroids, muscle relaxers and pain medications for five (5) days. Once it was determined that she was better, she was spayed, vaccinated including rabies, dewclaws removed, teeth cleaned, ears cleaned and had her nares widened. Shelly also has a soft palate problem that will need to be operated on after her five weeks of crate rest is over.


Dusty is six (6) years old. She seems to be the healthiest of the frenchies. She has been spayed, vaccinated including rabies, dewclaws removed, teeth cleaned and ears cleaned. She is a beautiful girl but has also had many C-sections. This is the girl who the breeder wanted to keep to begin her new line of colored frenchies.


Tilley is also one of the five (5) French bulldogs who we rescued from Utah on July 4, 2015. She is five (5) years old. The breeder told me that she had been bitten on one of her ears but it was OK. Well, Tilley has suffered from several hematomas that were never treated by a vet and therefore, her left ear is completely full of scar tissue. This is why she can’t hold the ear up straight. BTRA can’t fix this problem, and hopefully someone will fall in love with her and see her beauty in spite of this ear. She has been spayed, vaccinated including rabies shots, dewclaws removed, teeth cleaned, ears cleaned and being treated with antibiotics and had her nares widened.


Stitch is 20 months young, and it is obvious that he has been neglected, abused and subjected to a total lack of any veterinary care of his medical issues. He has totally “shut down” meaning that any contact with people causes him to be so fearful and stressed that he falls to the floor and will not move. This is common with puppy mill males, as they do not receive any socialization or human contact until he is needed as a sperm donor. Stitch has now been neutered, vaccinations including rabies, dewclaws removed, nares widened, teeth cleaned and had his right eye rupture fixed with an eye graph and four (4) different eye medications that are administered every four (4) hours. Once Stitch heals from these surgeries, he must have surgery to shorten his soft palate. Our vet said that his soft palate is in terrible shape, and that this is the problem with his breathing ability.

Please listen to our video and read our message. As of today, our vetting bill is $ 3,027.47. Jackson’s cataract surgery scheduled for July 21, 2015, is $ 2,385.00. Stitch and Shelly need to have their soft palate surgically repaired in order to breathe better and reduce the stress on their bodies. This cost will be $ 5,000.00 for both dogs. Our total financial need is $ 10,412.47.

I realize this is a very large amount of money. You know that we do not ask for money unless there is a need. My business heart cringed when I saw the condition of these five (5) pitiful dogs. My rescue heart said, "YES, these precious souls need our help." I hope that you agree with me that BTRA made the right decision in saving these dogs. We must pay our vetting bills or we cannot be of help to anyone, BTRA, our mission or the dogs who continue to need rescuing.

All of us with Boston Terrier/French Bulldog Rescue of Alabama thank you ALL in advance for everything that you do for our rescue efforts. You have graciously and generously helped us with all of our rescue efforts and we are very grateful. Please see below how you can make your tax deductible donation.